Peach Mango Maverick

An artist’s practice led-enquiry, chronicling the artist’s journeying as researcher. Peach Mango Maverick explores the philosophies which underpin our perceptions in the contemporary. As a child, I loved stories and have pursued this passion into adulthood through dance, theatre and film.

My earliest stories were West Indian and West African Anansi stories along with tales of my parent’s childhood adventures. Growing up in Britain added Hans Christian Anderson, Ruth Manning Saunders and later Chaucer, weaving a tapestry of rich, different perspectives.

Stories conjure imagery from words in any language so thus developed my equal fascination with text and image reflected throughout my earliest work. HiStory to me is the body of narratives which nations choose to tell themselves about who they are, I am continually intrigued about the stories people tell themselves about what they have done and the reasons why.

My signature process of Grande Visual Narrative’ germinates theme through semantic excavation and research; this then followed by a period of gestation and finally the visual recording of abstract accouchement into a Fine Art Book as a canvas, using art as storytelling.