Peach Mango Maverick

My Artistic practice Peach Mango Maverick is Fine Art as storytelling, I paint with words and use ArtBooks as canvas; in them I chronicle the journeying across life through the eyes of a first generation migrant in the UK. The ArtBooks read as maps of those journeys.

My Artwork predominantly manifests threefold; Narratives, Visual Narratives and Grande Visual Narrative.

Narrative Artist Journals are both journal and workbook which describe some of the people, processes and tools that I engaged with on my journey of artistic recovery. They are collections of artist journals which facilitate personal journeys of self discovery for others to follow, should they choose .

Narratives are available here

Visual Narrative ArtBook heirloom commissions describe an ‘essence of loss’ of loved ones and are often gifted to those of us who remain. They provide more intimate translations of heritage, legacy and milestones in life such as bereavement, echoing the original intent of my return to art. ‘A Postman’s Legacy’ was the very first as a gift to my mother when we lost my father.


Grande Visual Narrative in contrast to Visual Narratives are paintings in a book which describe larger global social narratives and constructs through the eyes of a first generation British born Caribbean migrant .

African Violet …Hybrid of Circumstance began life as Visual Narrative’ A Postman’s Legacy’ but grew from a small bud of intimacy into a Grande Visual Narrative when my exploration encountered history, geography and identity that could not be contained in isolation.

Peach Mango Maverick as a practice also explores the historic philosophies which underpin our perceptions in the contemporary.


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