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The Artists Speaks!

… Events and Happenings to support artwork are continually being developed.

2014  Nominated at… EUWIIN_logo_small-e1386691352542

  2015 Awarded…award 2015

2015 Presenting at

  2015 Exhibiting

Being Human link


2016 presenting ‘London and the Globe’    THE LITERARY LONDON SOCIETY’S ANNUAL CONFERENCE 

2016 Presenting British Scholars Society Annual Conference BRITAIN AND THE WORLD CONFERENCE

2018  Handbook launch contributing author …

Routledge Handbook of Postcolonial
Politics –Queen Mary University

2018 Presenting in  Cuba 43rd Annual CSA Caribbean Studies Association Conference

2020 Presenting in Virginia 10th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference African, African American & Diaspora (AAAD)

2020 Presenting at Pen to Print Black History Month programme of event in partnership Barking and Dagenham.