About the artist

Iesha.Denize LEDEATTE

My Artistic Practice Peach Mango Maverick is concerned with chronicling and exploration of language. Additionally, it also documents the concept of ‘journeying’ through time, space and place in parallel with heritage and identify.

After an absence of over 25 years from the arts, my inaugural collection also reflects my journey of artistic recovery. As an artist, my signature style Grande Visual Narrative combines poetic abstraction with abstract painting and uses ArtBooks as canvas; it translates the lived experience of a Windrush child using fine art as storytelling.

Peach Mango Maverick in itself, is a word painting of a hybridised identity which unravelled very early during this journey.  

Peach Mango Maverick


Wordcol collusion


a riot of colour

mixing and blending


the vernacular



yet concealing


colour of the maverick

a language unseen

calmed serene

as hues of vibrant red

succulent orange

citric yellow

tumble stumble

and fall into

metamorphic green

the still of perfect balance

temporary tranquil oasis

favoured by


who peace


must be

yet the frenzy

of blues

blur the senses

into the indignant indigo

of imbalance

and insight

until the sharp


of violet



to a shrill halt

Artistic study includes Croydon College of Art and Design, City Lit, Putney School of Art, Kofi Arts and The Essential School of Painting. I was invited to contribute the final chapter of the Handbook of Postcolonial Politics which was published by Routledge in 2018. 

 I am the Director(Acting) The National Windrush Museum and sit on the advisory board of Caribbwiin 



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