About the artist

Iesha.Denize LEDEATTE

Peach Mango Maverick in itself, is a word painting of her hybridised identity which unravelled very early during her journey.  The use of ArtBooks as canvas unlocks a different freedom of expression; She loves both text and image making equally and often writes and paints to music; music a legacy left from her father. Her Artistic practice Peach Mango Maverick is concerned with the ‘chronicling of journeying’ through the concept of identity through the eyes of a first generation Windrush child. Concept of identity describes race, ethnicity, geography, class and gender; historically and in the present with an eye on potential futures. Abstraction for her is an integral part of the language that she uses in her  practise of Fine Art as Storytelling; storytelling a legacy from her mother

She is the principal artist at PMM which is a practice led-enquiry that involves viewing the artist as researcher, after an  absence of over 30 years from the arts her inaugural collection and works reflect and document a journey of artistic recovery. Her signature style ‘Grande Visual Narrative, consists of conception, poetic and painted abstraction; she is now a recovered professional practising artist.

 Artistic study includes Croydon College of Art and Design, City Lit, Putney School of Art, Kofi Arts and The Essential School of Painting. She is  a recipient and alumni of Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network in both British and European categories as well as a British Innovation Society award recipient and  Fellow of the RSA. Her work has been accepted for presentation at a number of academic conferences both in the UK and abroad and  she was invited to contribute the final chapter of the Handbook of Postcolonial Politics which was published by Routledge in 2018. 

She is the Director(Acting) The National Windrush Museum and sits on the advisory board of Caribbwiin 

Her abstraction is manifest in both painting and poetic text and forms the core of her signature style. Her inaugural collection The Purple Chapters is a visual documentation of a conversation over the last ten years that she has had with herself about identity.  Purple Chapters is a Triptych – Trilogy’ collection consisting of ‘Before the ships’ MayBrex and African Violet…Hybrid of Circumstance which explores identity in the context of a broader British history.


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