ArtBooks provide …” A temporary opportunity to peer through a window into another’s creative soul”

Grande Visual Narratives

African Violet…the foundation

Inaugural Grande Visual Narrative Collection  …

The Purple Chapters is a personal journey through language …When my father died, I desperately needed a language to communicate that loss and respond to my mother’s grief. My first Visual Narrative ArtBook ‘A Postman’s Legacy’ was that response as gift to my mother which tried to grasp the essence of my father as memory and Visual Narrative became my language and the core of my practice. A Postman’s legacy as His-story grew into a ‘Grande Visual Narrative’ and I understood that a larger social context was necessary, which that took me a decade.

The inaugural collection has been a journey of visually documenting a process of healing from loss, grief and the search for identity.   HiStory to me is the body of narratives which nations choose to tell themselves about who they are, I am continually intrigued about the stories people tell themselves about what they have done and the reasons why


 Visual Narratives – ArtBooks as memorial 

Visual Narrative ArtBooks  are artworks as memory. Many of these ArtBooks are in private collections both here and abroad as deeply intimate commissioned reflections of individuals. The response to these artworks has often been emotionally overwhelming and humbling and I am deeply honoured to share in some small way such deeply personal experiences.


Other work in the pipeline is a collection exploring the equation of Human Essence over Human Being.


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  1. Brigitte Deneck says:

    I am moved by your unique presentation of so many dimensions of art, life and inquiry. Please continue and expand in those directions.

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