Peach Mango Maverick ArtBooks provide …” A temporary opportunity to peer through a window into another’s creative soul”

ArtBook as memory piece of artwork 

A Postman’s Legacy began as a piece of artwork in memory of my father then gifted to my mother, it later evolved and was absorbed into a story within the story of African Violet…Hybrid of Circumstance. Since then I have continued to create ArtBooks which are artworks as memory of people who have passed. I came to understand that life is a journey, none of which are the same and what I was able to do was to capture fragments of the essence of a person and to commit some of that essence to paper through language (poetic abstraction) and colour (painted abstraction or photography) Many of these ArtBooks are in private collections both here and abroad as deeply intimate commissioned reflections of individuals. The response to these artworks has often been emotionally overwhelming and humbling and I am deeply honoured to share in some small way such deeply personal experiences.

Work in progress …

ArtBooks are the manifestation of my practice and are containers for complete bodies of work which reflect the motif of journey. The ArtBooks are Artworks and large bodies of work evolve into ArtBook Trilogy.

Trilogy Collections to be published include:-

A journey of identity Trilogy

Before the ships
African Violet…Hybrid of Circumstance

Challenged by the manner in which humanity continues to respond to questions of my heritage and history, present work in progress continues the exploration whilst cultivating the seeds of another language of description and reframing which builds upon on an existing foundation of artistic expression that is cross fertilised by combined African Diasporic lived experiences. ‘This Trilogy’ which is now nearing conclusion links to Video of these works in progress; African Violet …Hybrid of Circumstance the impetus for rebuilding my artistic infrastructure. ‘MayBrex’.

A journey of recovery Trilogy 

A voyage of breath
A sojourn of spoken word
Navigating naturopathy


Sharing Journey through the ages Trilogy 

Arrival – ages 21, 25, 30
Establishing – ages 40, 50 , 60
Evolving – ages 70, 80, 90


Other work in the pipeline is a collection exploring the equation of Human Essence over Human Being.

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